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Where do you live?

John: Hi Alex.

Alex: Hi John.

John: How are you Alex?

Alex: I am fine John. Where do you live?

John: I live in Queens, New York.

Alex: Really, I also live in Queens.

John: Where in Queens do you live?

Alex: I live in Elmhurst.

John: We live near each other. I live in Woodside. Who do you live with?

Alex: Great, I live with 2 roommates, in a 3 bedroom apartment.

Alex: John, who do you live with? .

John: I live with my mother and sister.

Alex: Very nice.

John: How long do you live in Elmhurst?

Alex: I was born in Elmhurst.

John: OK, great, I will see you later.

Alex: Ok, bye

John: bye.

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