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What Are You Doing? Conversation

Tammy: Hi Mary, how are you?

Mary: Hi Tammy, I am fine. How are you Tammy?

Tammy: I am fine too. Thank you for asking.

Mary: How is your family?

Tammy: My family is fine. How is your mother doing?

Mary: Everyone is doing great.

Tammy: What are you doing these days?

Mary: I am working a the local high school.

Tammy: This is great.

Mary: Where are you working?

Tammy: I am not working. I am looking for a job.

Mary: Ahh I hope you find a good job soon.

Tammy: Thanks... I have to go. I will see you later.

Mary: Ok, it was good to see you. bye

Tammy: Bye

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