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English The Easy Way

English The Easy Way

Everybody Can Learn English

Speaking English

Where Are You From?

Tom: Hi Tom

Susan: Hi Susan

Tom: How are you Susan?

Susan: I am fine Tom. How are you Susan?

Tom: I am fine.

Tom: Where are you from Susan?

Susan: I am from New York.

Tom: Wow, I love New York. I always wanted to visit New York.

Susan: Great!! I would be very happy if you come to New York.

Tom: Thank you so much.

Susan: Tom, where are you from?

Tom: I am from Germany.

Susan: Ahh, I heard it is a very nice place.

Tom: Thank You.

Susan: It was nice to meet you Tom.

Tom: It was nice to meet you too Susan.

Susan: Bye

Tom: Bye

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Asking Directions

Going To The Store

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Where are you from?

How are you feeling?

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Telephone Dialog

Leaving A Message

Telephone Difficulties

Meeting New People