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Resume's Contact Information

When you send your resume for a job, it's like you are advertising your sell for the job. It is important that you advertise your self in a way that will make your potential employer want to call you for an interview, that is why you should know what you should include in your resume.

Contact Information Your contact information should be on the middle of the page on the top. Your name and phone number should be in bold.

    Name - You should put your full name on the top, in the middle of the page. If you have a title and it is appropriate to use it that add your full title. (Mr. Mrs, Miss, etc is usually not stated. Do not sure nickname or childhood names, etc.

    Phone Number/s You should put your what ever phone number/s that you choose to use for your job search. If you at all possible you should try to put a mobile phone, and a land-line. (The land-line should stability, while your mobile phone shows that you are easy to contact. On your phones that you are using for your job search, make sure you have a should have an answering machine, with a professional message. I don't mean to sound rude, but no children sings, no funny messages, etc

    Address - You should put your city, town, state, country, should be clearly stated for your address. It is not recommended that you use your full street address for your safety, (especially if your a woman), or if your putting your resume on the internet, or sending it to places you have no idea where you are sending it. There should be no reason why someone has to know your full street address, before they hire you. Safety comes first!!!!!

    Link-in - Add your link-in account to your resume, under your contact information.

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