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Resumes & Cover Letters

Functional Resume Content

What to include in a functional resume?

Personal Information - make sure your name and a way to contact you is stated clearly, and easy to find.

Relevant Skills - State your most relevant skills, that are required for the job that you are applying.

Qualifications - State your qualifications

Accomplishments - list any relevant accomplishments that you have archived

Education - create a list of your education

Prior Employment - State the company's name and your position with the company

Extracurricular Activities - State any extracurricular activities that are relevant.

What is a resume?

Types of Resumes

Functional Resumes

Functional Resumes Content

Chronological Resumes

Chronological Resume Formats

Action Words For Resumes

Resume's Contact Information

Resume's Objective Statement

Resume's Educational Information

Your Resume's Education Placement

What is a cover letter?

What should included in a cover letter?

Cover Letter Tips

Types of Cover Letters

Online Resumes Safety