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Modal Verbs Usage

Model verbs - used for, requests, offerers, prediction, requests, offers, permission & to deny permission

Will & Shall - are used for prediction

  • I think we will be able to go and see the move tonight.
  • My mother thinks we will not get home be it starts to rain.

Can - Could - May - Shall - are used for requests, offer, suggestions

  • Can we get some cookies or cake from the store?
  • Could you lend me some money?
  • May I have the keys to the car?
  • Shall we meet up next week?

Can - Could - May - are use for permission or deny permission

  • Can I help you cook dinner?
  • You may not watch T. V. until after dinner.
  • Could you please help me with the dishes?

Might & Could - is used for possibility doing something

  • Do you think it might rain tomorrow night?
  • Could you come home early next week?

Can & Could - are used for certainty

  • I can come next week?
  • I could pick up some milk from the store on my way home.

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