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Types Of Questions In English

Different types of questions in English.

Yes-no questions - ask whether or not some statement is true

  • Do you want coffee?
  • Did you go to work yesterday?

Alternative Questions - is a question that can requires a choice of 2 or more answers

  • Are you going to the moves or to the park?
  • Do you want to eat dinner now or later?

Wh-questions - begin with a wh-word (what, where, which, who, why, when)

  • What are you doing next week?
  • Where do you work?

Tag Questions - Tag questions are just basically used to confirm a statement.

  • I am a good student. Aren't I?
  • We have a great teacher. Haven't we?

Indirect Questions/Embedded Questions - are questions that are inside a question or statement

  • Could you tell me where is the bank?
  • Who knows where the car keys are?

Rhetorical Questions - is used to make a point; the answer is known/clear

  • Does money grow on trees?
  • Are you stupid?

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