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What Are Blogs?

Everyone must remember that Blogging is a public forum, an you have no idea of who is reading your blog. Do you really want total strange to know personal information about you, your kids your home, etc. It is not so difficult to trace a person address, workplace etc. if you are not careful. Think twice about putting pictures of kids, family members etc.

Blogs can be very beneficial, informative and an over all a positive experience if you use some come sense & and are careful as to the information you give.

Now for the scary part, if you state your full name, and the area that you live, someone can look you up in the local phone book on line, and have your phone number address etc.

Hidden Information -There are lots of ways someone can track you down, if you give your full name, place where you live, work places that you go etc. If you give information about a specific school, clubs or use other names of places that you to to or are connected too. These are just some of the ways unwanted visitors might be able to track you down if they choose too. If you put the name of your company on your blog, someone can track it though the phone book, and you might find you have an unwanted visitor around your workplace.

If for example you you put the name of a school, then someone can Google the name of the school & find out that details that you might not want them to know,such as the address, phone number etc.

If you have kids, and you state that you work, certain hours of the day, and that your kids are home alone, & and if you have enough information on your blog to track down your address, thought names of school, town, etc, well you can figure out the rest. If your kids names & pictures on your blog, then everyone reading your blog will know who they are, & along with other information that they might have been able to find out about you, then you might have a unpleasant or even dangerous situation. BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

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