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Blogging Tips

Blogs are becoming a really big thing these day, and for a good reason, it give the average person a chance to present his view, idea, life though his/her eyes, and in return it give the reader a chance to see life the an average persons eyes.This also give people a chance to see different sides of a story, besides the media's point of view.

  1. Short & Sweet - Keep your blog entry's short & sweet, don't ramble on, make sure you get to the point, and that your point is clearly understood.
  2. Write From Your Heart - When writing your bog entry, write on a subject you love, write from your heart, not your head.
  3. Bold Opinion's - State your options clearly, and make your opinions known to everyone.
  4. Write As You Speak- Write the same way as you would speak, such as "What do you think", "I was just wondering" etc.
  5. Headlines - Make sure your headlines catch attention, try to use words and phrases that will catch attention, such as "Is death row safer then some American city's".
  6. Skim-able - Scan-able - Make sure your blog is easy for people to skim thought the articles, by using bullets, highlight words, subtitles etc.
  7. Listen To Comments - Listen to your readers comments from your readers. This can give you some clues, as to what your readers want to see.

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