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Relative Clauses

A clause is part of a sentence. Their their are different types of clauses.

Their are basically only 2 types of clauses independent clauses and subordinate clauses.

A subordinate is also known as a dependent clause.

The independent clause and the subordinate clause both contain a subject and a verb.

The difference between the independent clause are:

  • independent clauses can be a complete sentence, or can be part of a sentence.
  • subordinate clauses can't be a complete sentence. A subordinate clause can only be part of a sentence.
  • subordinate clause must begin either a subordinate conjunction (such as because, why, while etc) or a relative pronoun.

Examples of Independent Clauses

  • I am going to the store, in a little while.
  • We are going to school, in 10 minutes.
  • I am going to the store.
  • We are going to school.
  • Examples of a subordinate clause
    • Whenever I eat cookies
    • If you call

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