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Modal Verbs

What are model verbs?

  • Model verbs are also called auxiliary verbs, helping verbs and model auxiliaries.
  • Model verbs are not complete verbs, and they can only be used with a verb.
  • Model verbs stay in the base form.
  • Modals Verbs

    • Must - I must go to the store.
    • Could - I could come over next week.
    • Must Not - The girls must not be late for school.
    • May - The girls may stay out late.
    • Might - We might have money soon.
    • Should - My husband should come home soon.

    Model verbs are used to answer can, will, shall, ought to, must, need, may questions in the short form.

    • Yes, I do.
    • Yes, we can.
    • No, I do not.

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