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The Verb "Have" Chart

In all the simple tenses, the verb "have" can be used as the main verb.

In all the perfect tenses the verb "have" is used as an auxiliary verb.

When the verb "have" is used as the main verb, it is usually used only in the simple form (static verbs).

The verb "have" can be used in the progressive tense, only in the present and future.

The verb have can not be used in the past progressive tenses.

Positive Sentences

Subject Main Verb
1st Person I have/had/will have a lot of homework.
2st Person We have/had/will have a nice house.
3st Person Singular She has/had/will have a good teacher.
3st Person Plural The women have/had/will have a great time in the States.

Negative Sentences

Subject Auxiliary Verb Not Main Verb
1st Person I do/did/will not have time to visit him.
2st Person You do/did/will not have to cook dinner when I got home.
3st Person Singular Bill does/did/will not have time to visit.
3st Person Plural The workers do/did/will not have time to visit New York.


Auxiliary Verb Subject Main Verb
1st person Do/Did/Will I have to visit Mr. Jack?
2nd person Do/Did/Will you have to work on the weekend?
3rd person singular Does/Did/Will your mother have to come to see your teacher?
3rd person plural Do/Did/Will the students have a hard exam?

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