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For & Since

For - is used with a period of time; length of time

For is uesd for all tenses.

    • for 1 day
    • for 3 hours
    • for 10 months
    • for 30 minutes
    • for 2 years
    • for 9 years
    • for many years
  • I live in New York for 10 years.
  • We went to the local school for many years.
  • My husband has been working in the city for over 5 year.
  • I was in the hospital for a few day.

Since - a certain point in time; a specific time

Since is used with the "perfect" tenses.

    • since last month
    • since since the 1990's.
    • since Friday
    • since 2001
    • since I moved to New York
    • since my sister was sick
  • We have been working here since 2010.
  • They have not been living here since the 1990's.
  • How long is it since you got moved to Europe.
  • We have been waiting here since 10am.

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