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English Grammar

The Verb "Have"

The verb "have" can be used as an auxiliary verb or a main verb.

Main Verb - the verb is used to state ownership/possession

  • I have a car.
  • We do not have a car.
  • Do you have a car?

Auxiliary Verb - have is used to create the "perfect verb tense"

  • Past Perfect Tense
    • We had finished the job by 2 o'clock.
    • Tom had left when we arrived.
  • Past Perfect Continues Tense
    • I was tired because I had been running.
    • I had been working on my homework, when she dinner was ready.
  • Present Perfect Tense
    • I have written a letter this morning.
    • We have never traveled to Europe.
  • Present Perfect Continues Tense
    • I have been writing this paper all day.
    • She has been living here for 20 years.
  • Future Perfect Tense
    • I could have finished my essay by Thursday.
    • In 2 years we will have lived in this house for half a century.
  • Future Perfect Continues Tense
    • He will be very tired because he will have been working all morning.
    • In 2 days we will have been traveling for 2 weeks.

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