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Common Phrases To Say "Expensive"

  • Costly - The car is very costly.
  • Extravagant - My wife likes extravagant things.
  • Pricey - That hotel is a little pricey.
  • A Bit Steep - That price is a bit steep. I can not afford it.
  • Lavish - My boss has a very lavish life style.
  • Upscale - I can not afford to live in an upscale neighborhood.
  • Pay Through The Nose -You have to pay though the nose to live in New York City.
  • Sky-high - The prices in this store are sky-high.
  • Exorbitant - The prices to travel 1st class are exorbitant.
  • An Arm & A Leg - The cost of living in the city is an arm & a leg.
  • Out Of My Price Rage - This is not in my price range.
  • Out Of My League - The price of that car is out of my league.
  • High-end - I want take my wife out to a high-end restaurant.

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