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English The Easy Way

English The Easy Way

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Speaking English

Telephone Phrases

Common Telephone Phrases

Greeting -

  • Hi - Hello - Hello, how are you?
  • good morning - good afternoon - good evening

Introductions -

  • This is .... (give your name)
  • This is ....( give your name, from (state place, or company).
  • Hello this ...(give your name)

Requesting Someone -

  • Can I please speak to .... (give the person's name)
  • I would like to speak to...(give the person's name)
  • Is ....(give the person's name) available.
  • Is it possible to speak to ....(give the person's name).
  • I need to speak to ....(give the person's name)

When the person you are trying to call is unavailable

  • May I leave a message, please?
  • Do you know when he/she will be available?
  • Do you know when he/she will return to the office/home?
  • I will call back later/in an hour/tomorrow.
  • Please tell him .....(give your name) called, and I will call later/call again.
  • Please have him/her call me back.
  • Can I leave my telephone number? My phone number is.....(give your number)?
  • Please have him/her contact at ......(state a place or a phone number).
  • Where/How can I reach him/her?
  • What is her/his mobile phone number/cell/cellular phone number?


  • May I send you a fax?
  • What is your fax number?
  • Did you receive my fax?
  • I send a fax to..... (give person's name), did he. she receive it?

Asking for Information

Other Useful Telephone Phrases/Words

  • The number is busy.
  • My I hold on the line.
  • I sorry can't hear you.
  • I sorry I can't understand you.
  • Please speak slowly, I am having a difficult time understanding you.
  • Who am I speaking to?
  • Who is calling?
  • The line was disconnected.
  • Please connect me to ....(give the name or the person, or the extensions)

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