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Common Phrases To Say "Busy"

  • I have no free time.
  • I am so busy.
  • My head is spinning.
  • I am swamped. I have no time
  • I have not time.
  • I am so busy. I do not sure, if I am coming or going.
  • I have so much on my plate. I am so busy.
  • I am so busy, that I can not breathe.
  • I am buried with stuff I need to do.
  • I am totally overwhelmed.
  • I am totally booked for a while.
  • I am trying to keep my head above water.
  • My head is spinning. I have so much work
  • I do not have time for anything.
  • I am so far behind, I do not think I will ever catch up.
  • I have a very hectic hectic schedule.
  • I am jammed packed. I do not have any time.
  • I have a tight schedule. I do not have time.

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