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English The Easy Way

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Phrasal Verbs with "Put"

    Put Away - put something in the correct place

      I have to put away the clothes.

    Put Away - a person that can eat a lot

      My brother can really put away food.

    Put Down - to insult someone

      My sister really knows how to put me down


    Put Up - to hang something on a wall

      Can you please put up this picture for me?

    Put Up -I have to put up with my sister. deal with someone difficult

      I have to put up with my sister.

    Put Off - not to do something right away, do something at a later time

      I do not like to put off paying my bills.

    Put On - to produce a performance

      The local kids put on a show every year.

    Put On - To wear something

      Please put on your shoes, because I want to go out.

    Put Out - to remove something out of a room or house

      Please put out the trash.

    Put Out - to extinguish a fire (kill the fire)

      The fire department came to put out the fire.

    Put Out – to publish a book, CD etc.

      I hope that the band will put out a new CD.

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