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Online Resume Safety

When you put your resume on-line you put your details to potential employers, but also to the world. There are a few thing that are recommenced to keep your resume online, and to keep you and your family safe.

Be were of the following:

Your full home address - do you really want totally strangers knowing your full home address,

Postbox - Using a postbox while searching for a job, is a solution, to keep your address private

Phone Number - if possible get an extra mobile phone or use a on-line number just for your job search, you don't really want someone to call your home phone, and find out your not home, and then go to your address and then rob you. It just seems like it is way to easy, and makes you much to vulnerable.

Also when your phone rings you will know it's for a potential job, and you will be able to act accordingly, make sure your message on your answering machine is a professional one, and that your kids do not answer that phone.

Email - it is best to have a separate e-mail you keep only for your job search, there are a few reasons for this:

  • to make sure you do not miss an important e-mail,
  • to keep your private life separate from your professorial life
  • it makes it easier   to keep track of your emails, and also you can adjust the e-mail setting so that your signature is professional, and doesn't have any added quotes, comments etc.

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