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Job Interview Keeping It Positive

It is important that when go to an interview   you come across as a positive person. People usually do not like to be around people with a negative attitude, or a negative personality. It important to keep the conversation upbeat. Here are a few tips to help you to come across positive.

Speak Positive -  This is not always as easy at it might seem. Try to use positive such as great, wonderful, incredible etc. words  Try to speak using a positive tone, don't use a lot of negative sentences (such as do not, can't, will not).  here is an example:

  • I do not like  to wake up early.
  • I can deal with waking up early

Smile  - A big smile and a big hello, This might seem obvious you be surprised as to how many people walk into the interview room without smiling, and they say hello 1/2 heartily. This is really important, because this is your very first impression, and you only have a few seconds to make it right.

Shake hands -  Dry your hands before you shake the interviewers hand. In case you have sweaty hands, and then apologize for your sweaty hands, and say something like, "I sorry,  I am just a little nervous. This could be a good ice breaker. Make sure you say it is a confident voice.

Sit Up Straight - Make sure you hold your self up strait in the chair, in a relaxed way, not in a tensed way.

Flaunt Your Assets - Flaunt your   skills, and ability's, Don't be shy or to modest.

How You Can Help The Company - Clearly state what skills, asset's and abilities you can bring to the company. You want to make it clear as to why they should choose you as to someone else. Make sure you don't state as to why you want the job,but as to how you can help the company,  and what you can contribute.

Past Negative Experiences - You might be asked about negative experiences as part of your interview.  When you talk about your negative experiences try to think of ways to put a positive spin on them.

One way you can do this is to state your experiences, but explain how much you learned from your expedience.

Explain how good things came out of the bad. An example of this might be you lost you didn't get into the school that you wanted, but the good that came out of it was that you meet someone you want to marry. ways says

A really good friend of mind always says everything happens for a reason. I always say look for the good that comes out of the bad.

Enthusiasm - When you go into the interview go with enthusiasm.

Free Time - It is common that the interviewer will ask what do you like to do in your free time. Think about an appropriate answer, such as reading, hiking, family, & friends. It might be a good idea not to say anything thing that might interfere with your job, such as traveling, parting, drinking etc.

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