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Hidden Impression While Job Hunting

Hidden impressions are impressions you make without even knowing. When job hunting it is really important to always make a good impression.

Here are things that you should do to create a great impression.

E-mail - Create a professional on-line E-Mail address, that you use only for job hunting. Make sure it is a.professional   name. If you use a automatic signature make sure it''s professional too. Some on-line signatures add quotes. jokes etc. Which is not the professional image you want to convey.

Facebook - Hide your Facebook account from the public and friends of friends, Make sure that no one can see your Facebook information including your friends lists. Make sure that no one can see any photos that you are tagged in without your permission.

Social Media - Hide all your information in any, and all your social media sites. What might seems like an innocent  comment or photo may not appear that way to your potential employer.

Google Yourself - Perform a Google search on yourself, and make sure there is no damaging information on the Internet. If there is contact the web-master, and ask them to remove the information.

Pictures - Make sure there are no pictures of you on-line

YouTube - Make sure your name does..not appear in any YouTube video

Conflicting Information - Make sure there is no conflicting information, between what you write on your resume and what is on the Internet

Organizations/Hobbies - check to see if your name appears on-line or any list website.

Political Views - Be careful what you post on-line, you never know how the information can affect you.

Answering Machine - Make sure you have a professional voice mail message, if possible have a 2nd phone line, or a 2nd mobile phone just for your job search. If you need a temporary phone line you can always use one of the phone line services. If you . share your phone line, tell everyone that answers the phone to sound professional, and if possible do not have children answer the phone.

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