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English The Easy Way

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Job Interview Keeping It Positive

TIps to Fine A Job While Unemployed

  • Do Not Act Depreate
  • Do Not Act Depreate - Do not act deprate at your job interew.
  • Keep Busy - Do Not let yourself get depressed.
  • Date of Last Job - First don't state on your resume that you are employed - when you state your last job state the date you started, but do not put the date you ended, leave it blank.
  • Being Inflexible - Today it is very imporatant to as flexible as you can.
  • Keep A Good Attitude - It is so imporatant to keep a good attitue. No one wants to hire anyone with a bad attitude
  • Job Huntng Routine - It is good to have a daily job hunting routine. A routine will save you a lot of time.
  • Develop New Skills - Learn or update your skills and or add some new skills resume.

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Job Interview Keeping It Positive

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