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A & An

A - is used after a word starting with a consonant

  • We want a car.
  • I am going to a movie.
  • We need a computer.
  • My sister is going to buy a new phone.

Words that start with a vowel, but have a consonants letter sound

  • I live in a European country.
  • This is a one time deal.
  • My sister is a unique person.
  • There is a university not far from my house.

An – is used after a word starting a vowel

  • I want an elephant.
  • Do you want an ice cream?
  • We do want an orange table in the house.
  • My sister is eating an apple for a snack.

Words that start with a consistent, but have a vowel sound

  • My sister is an honor student.
  • I will be there in an hour.
  • I don't want to be an FBI agent.
  • He is an honest man.


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