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Phrases & Idioms With "Cash" Speaking English

    Hard Cash – paying for something in cash money, not in checks or credit card

    I am going to pay for my new car in hard cash.

    Cold Cash – cash that is available to use

    I will need to have cold cash for my trip to New York.

    Strapped For Cash - not to have enough money available

    We are strapped for cash until we get our paychecks.

    Cash Only – cash not a check or credit card

    The store accepts cash only, no checks or credit cards.

    Cash In – to quiet something and collect your money

    We are going to cash in our coins, and get paper money.

    Cash In On – to make a profit or make the most of of an financial opportunity

    I am going to cash in on a really good opportunity, that Tom told me about.

    Short On Cash – shortage of money

    My sister is short on cash until she gets her paycheck.

    Cash Flow Problem – cash that is not available for use

    The company that I word for has a cash flow problem.

    Cash Cow – is used by a business to describe a customer that is has little or no control of there spending, and brings in a lot of money

    Do you have a lot of customers that are cash cows?

    Cash In Hand – getting paid in cash

    I like to get paid cash in hand. I do not like to get paid by check.

    Petty Cash – a small amount of cash money on hand that business and office usually keep on hand for paying for small amount of money.

    I need $5 from the petty cash to buy coffee & tea, for the office.

    Short On Cash - shortage of money

    I am always short on cash by the end of the week.

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