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Commas & Titles, Dates & Addresses

Titles, Dates & Addresses

There are special punctuation rules for date, names and addresses, Titles.

Rules for using commas with dates, names and addresses:

Dates - a comma is placed, between the day and the year, when the writing according to American English (Month, Day, Year - September 15, 2005.

Note: If the date is written the according to Europe (Day, Month, Year), then there is no comma.

Days and Dates - When writing the day and the date a comma is placed after the day, and follow the rules for dates (see above).

Example: Monday, July 15, 2008

Titles - A comma is place after a name followed by a title.

Example: John Brown, Ph.D.

Tim Lee, Jr.

Addresses - A comma is placed between a street and a town or city, State, and Country.

Example: 15 Fifth Avenue, Houston, England.

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