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Commas are used for in the following situations:


addresses, dates and Titles.

Independent and Dependent Clauses.

Commas are for interruptions in sentences.

nonessential clauses.

introductory clauses, phrases and word/s.

Commas are also with contractions such as they're, aren't, isn't etc.

after words like yes, no, maybe etc. when used in the beginning of a sentence,

after words such as but, then, or etc when they are used to connect 2 sentences.

Capitalization Rules

Comma Usage

Apostrophe "'s" To Show Possession

Comma Usage - Lists

Comma Usage - Independent Clauses

Independent and Dependent Clauses

Nonessential Clauses-Commas

The Difference between Clauses or Phrases

Introductory Phrases, Clauses and Words with Commas

Commas Usage With Titles, Dates & Addresses

Independent Clauses &: Dependent/Subordinate

Introductory Phrases & Commas

Commas With Interrupters