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English Grammar

Up - Over - Above

Up - to make someone or something higher then the original position

  • The books are up in the closet.
  • Is the elevator going up or down?
  • I want to hike up the mountain.

Over - states that one thing is higher then someone or something else; something or someone is on top of the other

  • Put your sweater over your shirt.
  • Please put the blanket over the bed.
  • I am going to hike over the mountain.

Above - states that one thing is higher then something or someone else

  • I live on the 2nd floor, I live above the 1st floor.
  • I can't reach the plates, because they are abovethe sink.
  • I do not want to live above the 5th floor.

Note: Above and over can many times be used interchangeably

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