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Next - Over - There Quiz

Next - Over - There Lesson

Choose The Correct Answer

1. We go to school ______ near the park.

2. I want to sit _____ to my friends?

3. I think the books are _______ near the window?

4. What is _______ on the chair?

5. Do you live ______ near the white house?

6. Do you want to sit _____ to the window in the car or in the middle?

7. I am going to sleep ______ under the trees.

8. What is going on _____?

Across & Along

Next & Over There

Next & Over There Quiz

Behind & Along

What are prepositions?

Using Prepositions

Prepositions of Position

Place Prepositions Quiz   Download the PDF

Prepositions of Time

In At On - Time Prepositions

In At On - Time Prepositions Quiz

In At On - Place Prepositions

In At On - Place Prepositions Quiz

Place Prepositions Quiz #2   Download the PDF

During - While - For

During - While - For - Quiz

Up - Over - Above

Up & Over Quiz

Up - Over - Above - Quiz