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Future Simple Verb Tense

How is the future simple verb tense used?

Decisions - to make decisions that are made at the time of speaking

  • We will eat dinner today at 6:00PM
  • You will clean your room when you come home from school.

Desires - Willingness - to state desire or willingness for something or someone

  • The girls will be happy to go on holiday for a few weeks.
  • I will be happy to help you today.

Facts - to state a fact about the future

  • My teacher will be happy the whole class passed the test.
  • The phone bill will be very very high, my father will be very upset.

Predictions - to predicate a future event or action

  • I think it will rain this afternoon.
  • My sister will be a great teacher.

Formal Statements - to make a formal statement about a future action or event

  • The president will make a public announcement on Tuesday at 8:00PM.
  • The school will be closed for a few days.

Suggestions - to make suggestions or state ideas

  • We will be happy drive you to the store.
  • Will we go to the store tonight or tomorrow morning.

Requests - to make a request

  • Will you come with me to the store?
  • You will do your homework now.

There are a few different ways of state future simple verb tense but it is common to use other present continuous or the verb "going to" to state an action or activity is in the future tense.

Future Simple Tense

Future Simple Tense

Future Simple Tense Chart

Going To & Will

Will & Would

Future Simple Tense "going to"

Future Simple Tense Chart "going to"

Future Continuous Tense

Future Continuous Verb Tense

Future Continuous Tense Chart

Present Continuous Tense Used As A Future Tense

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Simple Future Perfect Verb Tense

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Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

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