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Future Perfect Tense

Understand how the future perfect tense is used.:

  • The future perfect tense often used with "by" and "not", "for" and "until" to state that the action or event will be completed at time in the future.
  • The future perfect tense is used to state an action that occurs into the future until a later time in the future.
  • To state an event or action that will finish before an other action event in the future.
  • Rules for using the future perfect tense:

  • The future perfect tense is used for actions that are non continuous.
  • A specific time is usually stated or is understood.
  • It is common to use the future perfect tense to clarify the order of 2 future events.
  • The future perfect tense can't be used with "time clauses" such as when, while, "by the time ", soon, before, after, if, unless, until etc.
  • The future perfect tense is also known as the "future perfect verb tense".

The future period of time if usually states :

  • next year
  • next week
  • next month etc.
  • the exact came can be stated
  • the approximate can can be stated


  • We will have worked at the school 25 years next week.
  • The students will have finished all their exams tomorrow. I sure they will be happy.

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