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Adverbs of Manner

What are adverbs of manner?

Adverbs of manner - are used to state "how" something happens. One action can be done in many different ways.

Here is an example of one action that can be done in many different ways.

  • I drive slowly to the work.
  • I drive quickly to the work.
  • I drive calmly to work.
  • I drive eagerly to work
  • I drive cautiously to work.
  • I drive nervously to the work.
  • I drive patiently to the work.
  • I drive quietly to work.
  • I drive silently to work
  • I drive straight to work.

Adverbs of manner are usually formed by adding -ly to an adjective such as quietly, slowly, kindly etc.

There are some adverbs that are spelled the same way as the adjective such as hard, fast, right etc

Adverbs of manner usually come after the main verb or after the object.

  • Mary spoke quietly loudly not to disturb anyone.
  • He drives the car carefully.
  • The bus arrived at the station safely.
  • The dogs bark loudly all night. I can not sleep.
  • The train moves quickly.
  • They work fast. They are almost finished building the house.
  • The rain came suddenly. I had to run into the house.

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