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Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs of Frequency - state of "how often" or "how frequently" an action or happens occurs.

Here are some common adverbs of frequency:

  • Always - I always go to school.
  • Generally - I am generally healthy.
  • Sometimes - We sometimes go to the movies.
  • Everyday - I check my e-mail everyday.
  • Occasionally - My mother occasionally goes to the city.
  • Usually - We usually take the bus to work.
  • Rarely - I am rarely sick.

The most common way to use adverbs of frequency is to placed them before the main verb, except the verb "to be".

  • I always walk to school.
  • Our teacher sometimes gives us homework.

When the main verb  is the verb "to be", then the adverbs of frequency comes after the verb.

  • The bus driver is always friendly.
  • My teacher is never late for class.

Occasionally, frequently, usually, sometimes, and some other adverbs of frequency are in the beginning of the sentence.

  • Sometimes my teacher gives us lots of homework.
  • Occasionally the bus does not come on time.

It is possible to have adverbs of frequency are placed after the main verb, such as occasionally, rarely, often etc.

  • Our teacher is not sick often.
  • My mother yell rarely.

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