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Superlative Adjectives Structure

The rules for creating superlatives depends on the length of the adjective.

Short adjectives either have:

  • one syllable, or two syllables only if the word ends in -y

The rules for forming short adjectives to superlatives adjectives are:

  • -est is added to the end of the adjective
  • adjectives that end in -y
    • change the -y to -i and add -est
      • early - earliest
      • happy - happiest
      • crazy - craziest
  • adjectives that end with a vowel followed by a consonant
    • double the last consonant and add -est
      • big -biggest
      • fat- fattest
      • hot -hottest
  • adjectives that end with -e
    • just add -st
      • nice - nicest
      • safe - safest

Long adjectives either have:

    li> three or more syllables - add "most" before the adjective
    • expensive - most expensive
    • difficult - most difficult
    • comfortable - most comfortable
  • two syllables that do not end in -y - add "most" before the adjective
    • honest - most honest
    • difficult- most difficult
    • modern - most modern

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