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English Grammar

Order Of Adjectives

There are 9 different adjective groups.

The order of the adjectives are:

  1. determiner - a, an, her, five, many, much, several, etc
  2. opinion - pretty, ugly, smart, cheap, etc
  3. size - big, fat, thin, tall, large, small, etc.
  4. shape - circle, square, tall, short, etc
  5. age - old, young 10 years, a year, a week, new, etc
  6. color - yellow, green, pink, etc
  7. origin - American, English, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, European, Chinese, etc
  8. material - cotton, wood, plastic, cloth, glass, gold, etc
  9. purpose/qualifier - hat box, sleeping bag, computer table, safe island, football field, etc
  • I have a big car.
  • The girls have a new house.
  • I have a pink sleeping bag.
  • I have a new car.
  • We have 10 new students.
  • Do you want the expensive computer?
  • I love the big black bear.
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