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Commonly Confused Words

Though & Although

Though & Although - are usually interchangeable, but although ca not be used at the end of a sentence

  • I haven't seen my sister for a while, although we live on the same street.
  • I haven't seen my sister for a while, though we live on the same street.
  • I haven't seen my sister for a while. We live on the same street, though. (at the end of a sentence you can only use thought, although can't be used at the end of a sentence)

There are only three cases when although ca not be used:

    1. Though is only used at the end of a sentence
    • I was going to go to the store, but my mother did not let us go, though.
    • We love our new house. The house is a little big far from town, though.
    • The food is all ready, but the oven is not working, though.
    2. As Though – means "as if"
    • My sister acts, as though she is the only one that lives in the house.
    • My dog acts, as though she was human.
    • My friends look really tired, as though they did not sleep all night.
    • I felt sick, as though I'd just eaten bad food.
    3. Even Though – is used to emphasis something or someone
    • I went to my classes, even though I did not feel well.
    • The car was not working, even though it was just in the shop.

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