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English Grammar

Past Simple Verb Tense Structure

Positive Statements

subject + main verb + _________.

There are 2 kinds of main verbs used in the past simple tense:

  • regular verbs - add -d or -ed to the end of the verb
subject main verb
verb + -d or -ed
I walked to the store yesterday.
We played football last night.
  • irregular verbs - use V2/Past Simple tense (see irregular verb chart.)
  • subject main verb
    V2/Past Simple tense
    I ate dinner already.
    We came home early last night.

    Negative Statements

    subject +auxiliary verb + not + main verb + _________.

    subject auxiliary verbs
    not main verb
    base verb
    The girls did not go to school today.
    They did not speak to the teacher after class.


    auxiliary verb did + subject + main verb + _________.

    Questions the auxiliary verb "did" comes before the subject

    auxiliary verbs
    subject main verb
    base verb
    Did your sisters do their homework?
    Did you speak to your boss?

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