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Commonly Confused Words

Born & Burn Quiz

Born & Burn Lesson

Choose The Correct Answer

1. Did you ____ your food?

2. What year were you ____?

3. Did you ____ the cake?

4. The _____ on my hand hurts. I spilled hot water on my hand.

5. The sun can really _____ your skin.

6. My son was _____ 10 years ago.

7. My sister was _____ 2 years before me.

8. I want to start a fire. I want to _____ wood.

Am Used To vs Used To

Am Used To & Used To Quiz

Ago vs Before

Actually vs Currently

A Lot Of vs Many

A Lot Of & Many Quiz

Already vs Finished

Already vs Finished Quiz

Ad vs Add - With Audio/Voice

Ad vs Add Quiz

Advice vs Advise - With Audio/Voice

Advice & Advise Quiz

Anymore vs Any More

Anymore vs Any More Quiz

Among vs Between

Among vs Between Quiz

As vs Because With Voice/Audio

As vs Because Quiz

Accept vs Except - With Audio/Voice

Accept vs Except Quiz

Affect vs Effect - With Audio/Voice

Affect & Effect

Across vs Along

A Few & Few Quiz

Across vs Along Quiz

Alike vs Like

Alike & Like Quiz

A Few vs Few

A Few - A Little - Few - Little - With Voice/Audio

A Little & Little Quiz

Alot & A lot

Alot & A lot Quiz

As vs When

As & When Quiz

All vs Very

All & Very Quiz

All vs Whole

All vs Whole Quiz

Aloud vs Allowed

Aloud vs Allowed Quiz

Always vs All Ways

Always & All Ways Quiz

Above vs Over

Am vs PM

Am vs PM Quiz

Among vs Between

Asure vs Sure

Assure & Sure Quiz

Another - Other - The Other

Ate vs Eight

Ate vs Eight Quiz

Afraid - Frighten - Scared

Alike vs Similar