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Commonly Confused Words

As vs Because

As - is used when the reason is clear or known

  • You called me as I was falling asleep, so I could not answer my phone.
  • As I was walking home, it started to rain. I got so wet.
  • As we got closer to the city, there was traffic. Now, I am late for work.
  • As the bus went faster. I got sicker and sicker.
  • As I became older, I got smarter.

Because - is used to state the reason

  • I could not answer the phone, because I was falling asleep.
  • I got wet because, it started to rain when I was walking home.
  • I was late for work, because as we got closer to the city there was traffic.
  • I was getting sicker and sicker, because the bus is going faster.
  • I am smarter, because I am older.

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