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Learn How Give Directions To Someone Walking - Speaking English

Do you ever find that when you want to give directions to someone, your get confused as to the correct words to use. Here is a list of some common ways to give directions. This is more for giving directions for people on foot/walking, but can also be used for people traveling by car too.

go to the end of the block, and then ….

go …..(number) blocks and then …..

turn left at ….

turn right at ….

turn left at the ….

turn right at the....

turn right/left at the corner, then go …

turn right/left at the end of the street, and then go...

go to the corner of the street then go ….

turn left/right at the corner of (name of street)... and then go

look for the sign that says …..) and then go....

look for the statue/name of a place/store etc. and then go …..

go the the end of the corner and when you get to the light (traffic light) go ….

go to the stop sign and then then go ….

walk though the parking lot

walk though the …....

walk behind the …..

go along the …......

you will see a …....

walk straight till you see …..

walk along the ….

go down the main (the name of the street) …..

walk under the over pass/bridge and then …..

follow the road till you get to …

follow the path till you get to …

cross at (name of the street) and then go ….

you will see the ….... (name of something) on the left/right

go straight on …..(name of street), until you see …....

look for number …. . or house number ….

it is at the end of the street

it is across from

next to

on the side of

opposite …..

on the left of ….

on the right of …..

near ….

close to …

up the street from ….

down the street from....

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