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Hotel Security Tips

Simple & Easy Tips to Stay Safe In A Hotel

Hotel Security is not something most of us think about when traveling, in many cases we just assume that the hotel will provide security & there is no reason to take precautions (to take actions, in order to prevent something), and this is usually true, but remember the security can't be everywhere 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Here are some simple & easy ways to keep you safer while traveling.

Don't Open Your Door

Don't Open your door to repair men, housekeeping, room service etc. If you someone clams to be from the hotel staff, then call the front desk to find out if this person is really from the hotel staff, remember uniforms are easy to get, and just because someone is wearing a uniform it don't mean that they are really from the hotel staff.

Room Key

  • Make sure your room key doesn't have the room number on the key.
  • Keep your hotel key in your bag or pocket, in a place that people can't see your key. It is not a good idea to advertise which hotel you are staying at, the same way you don't tell everyone your home address.
  • Don't leave your hotel key in the door, even for a second to get ice, check something etc, someone could steal your key (it only takes a second, to steal a key) and then they can break into your room to steal or even attack you.
  • Leave your key near your bed. In case of an emergency, you might need your key to get back into your room and/or to lock your room.

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