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Tips for dealing Nosy People

There are just some people that are just plan nosy (they do not know how to mind there own business). It's not always easy to deal with people nosy people, when they ask questions that are just a little to personal. We have some simple tips how to deal with nosy people. There are polite ways not to answer. It's important to remember that you are not being rude, by not answering personal questions, they are rude to ask you personal questions

Here are some tips to keep your private life private.

    Why- Ask the person why they want to know, they might really have a really good reason for asking, and if they do not have a reason for asking this hopefully will realize that it is not an inappropriate question.

    Not Sure - You can say I am not really sure how to answer such a question.

    Not Important - One way of handling such questions is just say it's not important.

    Answer With A Question - Ask the same question in return, For example if someone asks you how much money do make, you can turn around and ask them, how much money do you make?

    Change The Subject - You can change the subject, you can just say, Oh did I tell you ..., or I almost forgot to tell you that ..

    Answer A Similar Question - If someone asks you how much money you make, you can answer what job you do or your profession etc.

    Repeat The Question - You can just repeat the question with a surprise voice and facial expressions. Such as " How old am I!!!!!

    Excuse Me - I love this answer you can just say Excuse Me!!!! or excuse me!!, and repeat the question

    Pretend You Do Not Understand - Pretend you did not understand the question.

    No Comment - There are ways to say you do not want to answer, you can say I prefer not to answer.

    Why - I am curious why do you need to know???

    Funny Answer - I love it when people ask me questions about money, or something I sometimes say, enough to pay taxes, or not enough, or more then you etc.

    Smart Ass Answer - Are you from the CIA, FBI, or from the government tax office.

    Polite Answers

    I am sorry I prefer not to answer such personal questions.

    Wow, that's a personal question!

    Vague Responses - If you can give a very vague responses, such as if someone askers you how old you are, you can answer in my 30's 35+ etc.

    Answer Like A Politician - Indirectly Related - The way politicians give answers that are indirectly related, you can do the same, If some one asks you how much money you make. You can just answer, money is really important or money is not important, or talk about the economy etc.

    When I Figure It Out - I love this answer it's great you can just answer when I figure it out I will let you, know, When people ask me about my age or money issues I just say, "When I figure it out I will let you know.

    Newsletter - When I send out a newsletter I will be sure to include that information.

    Not Here - If your in a place that is not really private, you can always say I prefer not to talk about that here, that walls have ears.

    Walk Away - There are some people that just walk away from the person asking the question, this can be an option in the right situation.

    Ask My .... - There are questions you do not want to answer, and you can just tell them ask my lawyer, boss, husband/wife etc.

    It's complicated - You can always just say it's complicated, like if someone asks you about a relationship or financial information.

    Not Authorized - I am not authorized to answer questions about....

    Not Sure Tell someone you are just not sure, such as if someone asks you when your going to get married, when you are going to change jobs etc.

    The Fifth - If your in United States, you can say I take the fifth.

    How Would You Answer - If your not sure how to answer a question, you can ask them how would they answer that question.

    How Do You Want Me To Answer - You can ask the person how do you want me to answer that question or such a question

Tips For Dealing With Nosy People

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