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Housing Considerations

There are a few things that you should consider before you decided   where to live.  There is a list of questions of things that you should consider.

  • Do you have kids? Do you need school? Child care?
  • Do you need a place for kids to play?
  • Do you have transposition or do you need to live near public transposition?
  • Do you need to be near other people from your country?
  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • How many bathrooms do you need?
  • Do you need outside space?
  • How many people are going to live with you?
  • Are there any health issues that need to be taken into consideration?
  • Do you have any family and/or friends in the country? 
  • Do you want need to live near a community center?
  • If medical insurance is a problem then try to live near a sliding clinic or a free clinic.

One of the biggest things that you have to do before you choose a place to live is to figure out how much money you have or in most cases don''t have to rent an apartment. In the best case you should not pay more then 30% of your income, but that is sadly not possible in many cases.

If you are lucky enough to have friends and/or family in the country try to live near them. It will make life.

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