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Dealing With High Pressure Salespeople

Don't you just hate pushy salespeople, the kind that don't leave you alone, they stick to you like glue. They don't stop talking, and they do not let you look.

Well, here are some tips on how to deal with high pressure salespeople:

Take Control - One of the best things that you can do is to take control of the situation. Tell the salesperson that if you need help, or have a question you will ask. If they don't leave you alone then try repeating yourself   "I/we will ask you if we have any questions". If they still "harass" you, then think about leaving the store, find someone that is respectful.

Walk Out It is always a good idea before you make decisions or sign anything you walk out of the store. Walk out of the store, so you will be able to think with a clear mind, without any pressure from any of the salespeople.

Read Everything Before Signing Ask for a copy of any contract before you sign, Take the contract to a quiet place where you will be able to read it without pressure, do not rely on the salesperson to explan you the contract.

Practice going into places or calling places to received information.   For example if you are thinking about buying a new car, then before you go into a car dealership,   try going into a truck dealership and talk to them, and learn how  to handle the salespeople. This way when you are ready to buy you will be prepared.

Write down on a piece of paper exactly all the questions that you have? Write down the answers to each question. This way you will have   be able to remember exactly what the answers are.

Use the following excuses why you can't sign or buy at the moment:

  • I have to ask my (parents, child, boss, friends, etc)
  • I never buy on the spot (which is a good policy to make for your self)
  • I have a few things I have to check before I buy.
  • I am not ready to buy I am only   gathering information.

Excuse me I have to make a call, I be right back. (Go out of the store and think about it).

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