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English Grammar

Tag Questions Quiz

Tag Questions Lesson

Choose The Correct Answer

1. I live in a big house, _________?

2. We go to a really good school, __________?

3. We are not going to be late, _______ ?

4. You are Sandy, ____________?

5.The dogs don't bite,________?

6. He always worked at the coffee house, _______?

7. We do not want to go the movies, _________?

8. I do not have a meeting now ______?

12 English Verb Tense

For & Since

For & Since Quiz

Have & Has Chart

Have & Have Got Examples

Main Verb Tenses

May Have

May & May Have

Verb Groups

Auxiliary Verbs

Verb Tense "to be"

Verb Tense "to be" Chart

Future Verb Tenses

Modal Verbs

Modal Verb Rules

Verb Tense "Can"

Verb Tense "Could"

Verb Tense "Could" Structure

"Wishes" & Verb Tenses

"Wishes" & Verb Tense Chart

Verb Tense "Have"

Verb Tense "Have" Chart

Present Verb Tenses

Past Verb Tenses


There Is & There Are

There Is & There Are Quiz

Tag Questions

Tag Questions Quiz

Types of Questions In English