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Tag Questions Quiz

Tag Questions Lesson

Choose The Correct Answer

1. I live in a big house, _________?

2. We go to a really good school, __________?

3. We are not going to be late, _______ ?

4. You are Sandy, ____________?

5.The dogs don't bite,________?

6. He always worked at the coffee house, _______?

7. We do not want to go the movies, _________?

8. I do not have a meeting now ______?

12 English Verb Tense

For & Since

For & Since Quiz

Have & Has Chart

Have & Have Got Examples

Main Verb Tenses

Main Verb Tense Quiz

May Have

May & May Have

Verb Groups

Auxiliary Verbs

Auxiliary Verbs Quiz #1

Auxiliary Verbs Quiz #2

Verb Tense "to be"

Verb Tense "to be" Chart

Future Verb Tenses

Modal Verbs

Modal Verb Rules

Verb Tense "Can"

Verb Tense "Could"

Verb Tense "Could" Structure

"Wishes" & Verb Tenses

"Wishes" & Verb Tense Chart

Verb Tense "Have"

Verb Tense "Have" Chart

Present Verb Tenses

Past Verb Tenses


There Is & There Are

There Is & There Are Quiz #1

There Is & There Are Quiz #2

Tag Questions

Tag Questions Quiz

Types of Questions In English