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Definite Articles & Indefinite Articles | English Determiners | English Grammar

What are articles?

Articles are used to clarify if a noun is specific or if a noun is not specific.

They are used before the nouns or adjective.

There are 2 kinds of articles:

  • Definite Articles - are used for specific nouns.
  • The" - is a definite articles

Indefinite Articles - are used for non specific nouns.

  • quot;A- An" are indefinite articles
  • It is used to refer to a noun that is not something or someone specific such as a pen, an apple, a bus).
  • " A" or "An" is used when it is not important as to which the noun is referring to (example: an apple on the table, a pen on the table or a book from the room).
  • It is unknown as to which the noun is referring to (example: a teacher in the hall, a letter in the mail box, a car in the street).
  • "A" is used if the letter before the next word starts with a consistent (not a vowel a, e, i, o, u).
  • An is used if the letter for the next word starts with a vowel (a, e, I, o, u).


  • I see a dog in the street. *
  • The girls see the big black dog on the other side of the street. **
  • Please bring me a pen.*
  • Please bring me the black pen that is on my desk.**
  • I think that is a teacher from the school.*
  • I think that is the math teacher.**

* A refers to something that is not specific, it is not clear or important as to which dog, pen or teacher.
** The refers to a specific pen "the black pen" not just any pen, "the big black dog" not just any dog, and "math teacher" not just any teacher.

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