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Confusing Words In English

Am Used To & Used To

I Used To - to feel comfortable with someone or something

  • I am used to taking the bus.
  • Are you used to working night shift?
  • She is used to working in the very late at night.
  • I am used to drinking coffee without sugar.
  • We are used to sharing a room.

Used To - something you did in the past

  • I used to play football, when I was in a child.
  • We used to live in New York, but we moved to the country.
  • My father used to be a doctor, but he does not work anymore.
  • I used to have a car, but I do not have a car now.
  • My parents used to have a dog, but he died.

Usual & Usually

Unlike & Unlikely With Voice/Audio

Used To & Use To

Am Used To & Used To

View & Watch

Write & Right

What & Which

Where & When & Why

Will & Would

Weather & Climate

Who & That & Whom & Whose

Your & You're