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Commonly Confused Words

A Few & Few

Few - means that there is not enough of something

  • There are few apples. There are not enough apples.
  • There are few people at the meeting. There are not enough people to hold a meeting.
  • We have few friends. We do not know anyone. We want to make more friends.
  • We have few vegetables. We need to buy more vegetables.
  • The teacher has few pens. She needs to buy some pens.

A Few - means that there is enough of something; there is not a lot, but just enough

  • There are a few apples. There are enough apples, but not a lot of apples.
  • There are a few people at the meeting. There are enough people to hold a meeting.
  • I have a few vegetables. We have enough for dinner.
  • We have a few dollars. We have enough money till we get paid.
  • My sister has a few friends. She is happy.

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