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I.C.E - In Case of Emergency

Ice - In Case of Emergency (ICE) - Everyone should have an emergency contact number under "ICE"; you can also have many ICE contacts "ICE1", "ICE2", etc

  • I want all my students to have an ICE contact number in their phones & in their wallets.
  • Do you have an ICE contact number in your phone?
  • I am the ICE contact for all my brothers.
  • I hope everyone that reads this puts an ICE contact number on their phone & in their wallet.
  • I have 7 ICE contacts on my phone, ICE1, ICE2, ICE3, etc.
  • You can add a sticker to the back of your phone with your ICE contact.
  • It is important to keep your ICE contact up to date.
  • You should tell your ICE contact , that you made them your emergency contact person.

There are also smart phone "apps" that allow custom ICE and emergency information to be displayed as the "locked" screen.



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I.C.E. - In Case of Emergency

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