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Words Relating To The Time Of The Day - English Vocabulary

When we refer to diffident times we can use words that refer to an approximate time of the day/night not a specific time, except for a few words such as noon & midnight.

Early Morning – is from about 2 hours before the sun raises to about 0600/6:00AM.

Dawn – is around the time the sun rises.

Morning –is from sunrise to 1200/12:00PM.

Early Afternoon – is from about 1100/11:00AM – till about 1300/1:00PM.

Noon – 1200/12:00PM

Afternoon – is from 12:00 till about 17:00.

Late Afternoon - is from about 16:00/4:00PM till about 18:00/6:00PM.

Early Evening – is from about 17:00/5:00PM till about 19:00/7:00PM.

Dusk – around the time when the sun goes down.

Evening – is from 17:00 till about 23:00/11:00PM.

Late Evening – is from about 2100 till about 23:00/11:00PM.

Night – is from 23:00/11:00PM till sunrises.

Midnight – 0000/12:00AM

Middle of the night – is from about 0100 - till about 2 hours before the sun raises,

Note: AM is before noon, and PM is after noon .

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