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Ways To Say "happy" - English Vocabulary

There are many diffident ways to say " happy". Here are just some of the ways to say happy:

  • blessed - We are very very blessed - to have a safe place to live, so many people in the world don't have any place to live.
  • cheerful - You in a cheerful mood today.
  • delighted - We are delighted we are going to Paris this month.
  • floating on air - My sister is getting married soon, and she is floating on air.
  • glad - The girls are really glad that we rescued an abused donkey, Now the donkey will have a great donkey life.
  • on cloud nine - I was on cloud nine when I saw my best friend walk off the plane.
  • over the moon - I was over the moon when I heard the good news.
  • thrilled - I am thrilled when I found out that my father doesn't have cancer
  • fortunate - I hope all dogs are fortunate enough to get a good home.
  • radiant - You look so radiant today.
  • ecstatic - We are ecstatic to hear that Jenni got accepted to medical school.
  • tickled pink - Our family is tickled pink that you are coming to visit us this summer.

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